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Latest News and Blog

Latest News and Blog

The Amazing Female Orgasm

Posted on May 19, 2015 at 2:20 AM

The female orgasm, thought to be myth until recent history has had the reputation of being the unattainable holy grail of the good lover. Well, it seems there is lot more to Mother Nature’s gift as science is discovering. Recently studies across the globe have discovered that not only is the female orgasm real but it has multiple purposes such as Influencing relationships, reproduction, good health, reward, bonding, warmth.

The clitoris, a by-product of the penis after the embryonic stage of life, is an organ which extends into the female pelvic area. Woman who experience orgasm through penetration are lucky in a sense that their clitoral body lies close the vaginal wall and as thrusting continues the internal clitoral body is stimulated and orgasm occurs. Ultrasound shows that during penetration the internal clitoral body is squashed and separated due to internal pressure. Only 25% of woman experience penetrative orgasm. The rest are happy to receive their pleasure through self-stimulation or oral. ‘Vaginal’ or external, it’s all clitoral and it’s all good.

The biggest the sex organ, brain.

A willing participant was placed in a scanner and asked to masturbate to orgasm. When she achieved orgasm 37 parts of her brain lit up in a specific sequence. The reason for the sequence is unknown but the hypothalamus ends up secreting oxytocin which cause the contractions in the pleasurable contractions in the uterus and the forceful contractions in men to enable ejaculation. It releases happy chemicals and allows you to feel soothed and satisfied.

Will orgasms get me pregnant?

A study where a female was inseminated with sperm treated with radiation and then asked to masturbate to orgasm showed some interesting results. The orgasm drives the sperm up the vagina, and the body seems to drive the sperm left or right to the ovary which is about to ovulate. While OBGYN’s are not prescribing orgasms to ensure fertilisation, they are happy to say it doesn't hurt.

Orgasms help us choose our mate

Orgasm is a compass guiding us to the mate with good genes. Today’s scientific measurement of “good genes” is demonstrated by facial symmetry (when the one half of our face matches the other). It seems we subconsciously choose mates we perceive to have this feature.

A qualitative study has also shown that woman who are passionately in love with their partners have different brain reactions to woman who are not. They rate their orgasms higher than those who are not feeling the passion. Good orgasms are then stored in memory and triggered the next time she has an orgasm with her lover again cementing the attraction even if the intensity was less.

Hope for the non orgasmic

Dr Stuart Meloy of North Carolina has completely by accident discovered an electrode device which results in orgasm for woman. He is a specialist dealing in chronic pain. In a procedure for a woman to implant his device in order to block her chronic back pain, he missed and intercepted the nerves to the genitals resulting in a wonderful orgasm. This is now marketed as the Orgasmatron!

So Ladies, orgasm is not only a treat to give ourselves or a as a gift from a partner, it plays many major roles in our lives. Don’t fake it, own it!

If you are having trouble connecting with your orgasm make an appointment today.



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