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5 Common Myths about the Penis

Posted on 19 May, 2015 at 2:25

1. I am a premature ejaculator !!– The average lovemaking session goes for between 2 to 7 minutes. Premature ejaculation is generally recognised as not being able to control ejaculation past 1 minute. On average men can last between 3 and 7 minutes of continuous thrusting. Please don’t measure your ability to control your ejaculation against porn.

2. The Penis is a muscle – Incorrect, the penis is made up of spongy tissue which engorges with blood to create an erection. If you would like to strengthen your erection and ability to control your ejaculation work on strengthening your kegel muscles (pelvic floor). It’s not just a chic thing.

3. The Penis does not need maintenance – The tissues in the penis need to be kept healthy in order to remain flexible and maintain the ability to fill. Basically “use it or lose it”. This is ‘penile atrophy’ which I usually seen in men 60 + but is also commonly seen in younger men who have conditions which may affect blood flow to the penis such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and other health problems. The Penis needs the nourishment of healthy blood flow to maintain that spongy tissue.

4. Penis enlargement surgery is extremely effective – The constant desire for men to be bigger than they are has led to a phenomenal amount of money being spent on surgeries. Most surgeries may increase the length by only 1 or 2 cm’s. This would be a huge improvement in the case of those suffering from micro penis (a penis smaller than 2.8 inches /7cm), however for those with average size penis’s this would be a lot of unnecessary pain and hardship. The ligaments connecting the penis to the pelvis are severed and the internal portion of the penis is pulled out. Essentially you are then left with a free floating penis. The flaccid penis is no larger when erect either. Men are also opting for girth increase using silicone implants.

5. You can’t break your penis – Ouch! Yes you can and you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible. You can break your penis through rigorous masturbation or sex. It involves a rupture of the fibrous sheath that houses the important spongy tissue. It could also involve rupturing the urethra, veins and arteries and dorsal nerves.

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