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You Wish Mate!

Posted on 14 November, 2016 at 6:20

You Wish Mate!

As a woman I have heard this sentiment repeated throughout my lifetime and as well as from my own thought processes. Working with men who suffer from low self-confidence, performance anxiety and in some cases anger towards woman, it is clear to me the effect woman can have on men. Why do girls think that boys are built to withstand rejection? What is it about gender stereotyping that leads us to believe that we can put a man down for trying to approach us? It’s called the mating dance ladies. How about we appreciate the advances of a man for what it is, a compliment. This person is risking an often cutting rejection to gain our attention. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that sometimes the approach and timing may be wrong. Sometimes the approach is so wrong its offensive and even assault. Those guys…. well, ….. let them have it. What I am suggesting is that we could do better in our response to the genuine suitor that you may not be ‘into. A gentle ‘let down’ beats a rough degrading retort any day. Just because they might be male and we appear to hold the cards, doesn’t mean we need to damage a person for playing natures game by societies rules.

It won’t last forever ladies. One day you might just find yourself on the invisible side of the dating game. Enjoy the compliments, perhaps an “I am flattered, but am not interested “ will do.


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