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Eye Movement Desensitisation Re Processing (EMDR)
EMDR is a scientifically proven effective treatment for trauma and PTSD. It is also effective in treating past memories which cause us distress and anxiety in our current day functioning. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation
When we experience trauma, whether it be from sexual abuse or being bullied on the playground, our brains need to find a way of processing the material. It has difficulty doing this when the event is filled with emotion and adrenalin. These memories become trapped in the nervous system, they remain very vivid, seem like it was just yesterday, are filled with sensory information like smells and sounds and carry an emotional load.
EMDR accesses the memories and unlocks it enabling the natural processes of the brain to re organise it as a normal memory which no longer has the power it previously did, therefore no longer having an effect on current behaviour.

EMDR is not hypnosis
It is a safe effective treatment which allows your brain to do its own healing.